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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Yahoo.co.uk:Bruce to quit Strictly, says Ronnie Corbett

Yahoo.co.uk: Bruce Forsyth is to quit hosting 'Strictly Come Dancing' after this series, claims his pal Ronnie Corbett.

Corbett, who filled in for Brucie on the show in 2009, reckons that the 85-year-old star is now getting too tired to host the programme week in and week out.
Brucie... to quit after this series, says Ronnie Corbett (Copyright: BBC)
“Bruce seems to thrive on entertaining but whether he will thrive after this series of Strictly I don’t know,” he told The Sun.

“He must get tired. I think after this series he will give himself a Brucie Bonus.

“Every Saturday is gruelling. It is really hard going.  It is not something I could do each week on Saturday nights now.

“I enjoy working but only on certain things. Bruce is a special breed and his talents are very diverse as he can dance and play the piano.

“But Bruce does not walk down the stairs now — he comes down from the side like a dancer.”

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Yahoo.co.uk:Buckingham Palace exhibition celebrates Queen's coronation

Yahoo.co.uk: While UK's infant future King, Prince George, may have stolen the headlines lately, Buckingham Palace is throwing the spotlight onto the current monarch in a new exhibition.

It's 60 years since the then Princess Elizabeth rode to Westminster Abbey in the Gold State Coach to be crowned Queen. To celebrate and remember June 2, 1953 in all its pomp and ceremony, the Royal Collections Trust has brought together a selection of the finest objects and clothes used and worn on the day.

Curator Caroline de Guitaut says it is the first time these pieces of history have been brought back together in one place.

Guitaut said, "This year marks the 60th anniversary of Her Majesty the Queen's coronation, and it's particularly fitting that we should therefore bring together not only Her Majesty the Queen's coronation dress and magnificent coronation robe, but also dresses, uniform and other objects and artefacts worn or used on coronation day here in Buckingham Palace."

The centrepiece of the new exhibition is the coronation dress, designed by Norman Hartnell. The final design included embroideries of the four National Emblems of the United Kingdom: the rose symbolizing England, the Scottish thistle, the Welsh daffodil, and the shamrock of Northern Ireland.

The state robe, worn with the coronation dress, was made by Ede and Ravenscroft and embroidered in colored silk and gold and silver thread by the Royal School of Needlework. Alongside the garments worn by the Earl Marshall are clothes worn by Prince Charles and Princess Anne, aged four and two respectively.

The exhibition also features accessories such as earrings and necklaces as well as stunning regal crowns such as the King George IV State Diadem, made in 1820, which was worn by Elizabeth on her way to the coronation, and the Cartier Diamond Halo Tiara made in 1936 and worn at the coronation by Princess Margaret, borrowed from her sister.

Another curio from the ceremony, on display for the first time, is the Anointing Gown which was worn over the coronation dress during the sacred anointment ceremony.

Finally, in the State Dining Room, table displays from the coronation state banquets, held on the 3rd and 4th of June, have been recreated with the same silver gilt and Sevres porcelain used in 1953.

The exhibition runs until the end of September.

Yahoo.co.uk:US urges restraint by Egypt's security forces

Yahoo.co.uk:US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has urged restraint by Egyptian security forces in dealing with ongoing protests in the country.

The Pentagon said Hagel made a phone call to Egyptian Defense Minister General Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi, discussing the security situation in Egypt.

Their conversation came after EU Foreign Policy chief Catherine Ashton paid a visit to ousted president Mohamed Morsi.

The two defense leaders also discussed Ashton's visit to Egypt and the need for an inclusive reconciliation process.

The Egyptian Defense Minister reiterated support for the political roadmap outlined by Egypt's interim transitional government.

Monday, 29 July 2013

EURO-SWISS: Since mid July, the euro-Swiss cross

EURO-SWISS: Since mid July, the euro-Swiss cross, currently around Chf1.2341 has
seen support above Chf1.23 and shown reluctance to press much over Chf1.2400.
UBS strategists Gareth Berry and Geoffrey Yu note that UBS has been sellers of
Swissy "for 6 weeks in a row and now demand for the cross is spreading." More
recently, hedge funds, asset managers, corporates and private wealth accounts
"were all better buyers of EURCHF," they say. An earlier UBS report from last
week said "SNB data on custody holdings suggest Swiss fund managers have started
to buy portfolio assets abroad again having eschewed external investments since
the eurozone debt crisis began in 2010." Mansoor Mohi-uddin of UBS warned that
"investors should thus be prepared for the risk of spikes in EURCHF breaching
this year's highs of 1.26-1.27." 


Yahoo.co.uk 法新社曼谷29日  泰国海军人员今天奋力清理一个受欢迎海岛渡假胜地的海滩。一条输油管稍早发生漏油,重创当地的国家公园。负责输油管营运的泰国石油管理局全球化学公司( PTT Global Chemical)说,约5万公升原油27日流进距离东部罗勇省(Rayong)海岸约20公里的外海。

油污抵达沙美岛(Samet Island)奥普劳海滩(Ao Phrao),数百名海军人员、国家公园官员、公司员工和村民紧急赶来清除油污。联亚山国家公园(Khao Laem Ya National Park) 人员说:「油污在海滩蔓延约300公尺。面积相当大。 」此国家公园包括沙美岛在内。奥普劳渡假村一名员工对法新社说:「海滩正前方就有油污,客人纷纷办理退房。」






追悼仪式将于晚间7时在西北部城市圣地牙哥德孔波斯特拉(Santiago de Compostela)的大教堂举行。这个城市是世界著名的朝圣地点之一,出事的快速列车就是在附近出轨。

西班牙总理拉荷义(Mariano Rajoy)和几位部长,以及王储菲利佩王子(Prince Felipe)和伊兰娜公主(Infanta Elena)都将出席。


列车52岁司机贾尔松(Francisco Garzon)似乎在过弯时车速过快,他自25日遭到羁押。

Monday, 15 July 2013

Yahoo.co.uk: Fitch removes French AAA rating

Yahoo.co.uk: Fitch removes French AAA rating
Yahoo.co.uk news: French lost its last AAA rating from major rating agency on Friday. This is a serious blow to the president Hollande, whose government is trying to control public finances and stimulate the sluggish economy into growth.
Fitch downgrades one level of the France national credit rating to AA +, who pointed out that the French debt outlook is deteriorating and economic environment is uncertain, because of the comeback risk of the eurozone crisis.
French economy slides into mild recession in the first quarter. Earlier last year, Standard & Poor's and Moody's have removed France's AAA rating.
Fitch mentioned in explaining its downgrade reasons that it has many reasons to worry about, including France's weakening economic output, jumped unemployment, budget deficit and weak external demand.
Fitch said in a statement that the risk of fiscal outlook aspects "mainly based on the downside". The outlook for new rating is stable.
"Chronically high debt ratio reduces the leeway of negative impact of fiscal digestion cushion." Fitch said.
Fitch extends the time estimate that required from France for debt reduction. Fitch thinks that debt ratio relative to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) will hit a high of 96% next year. It will still up to 92% in 2017.